Center for Environmental Science Applications (CESA)

Finding solutions to sustainability challenges by linking ideas, people and resources

Cities hold the key to achieving global sustainability. Only by successfully bringing the demands of urban areas into alignment with available natural resources and human needs can we hope to avoid the most calamitous effects of climate change.

CESA helps connect ASU with innovative, public- and private-sector, city-related organizations and programs. Current CESA urban projects involve remote sensing, agent-based modeling, city indicators, and assessments of future water needs.

ASU has a large collection of urban-related experts and collaborative projects spread across nearly all of its colleges and schools. The list provided here is a subset of that portfolio; it is not intended to be exhaustive.


100 Cities (NASA)
Urban 4D (NASA)
Global City Indicators Facility (University of Toronto)
Assessment of Urban Vulnerability (World Bank)
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (British Consulate)
Urban Sustainability Forum (National Academy of Sciences)
Sustainable Cities Network (ASU)
SENSEable Cities Lab (MIT)
Smarter Cities (IBM)
Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
San Francisco EcoMap (Cisco)