Center for Environmental Science Applications (CESA)

Finding solutions to sustainability challenges by linking ideas, people and resources


Sustainability challenges are compounded in regions of political conflict. CESA is involved in several sustainability-related projects in the Middle East, dealing with water, renewable energy, and ecosystem services. Each is motivated by the hope that if scientists and other technical experts can cooperate to address trans-border sustainability problems, political accommodation might eventually follow.
Current projects include: assessments of water supply and demand in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Israel; novel biofuels and solar deployments along the southern Israeli-Jordanian border; and creation of a joint Jordanian-Israeli Long Term Ecological Research program near Aqaba.

Partners include Cambridge University, Tel Aviv University, University of Newcastle, Israel Environment Ministry, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Palestinian Water Authority, and House of Water and Environment in Ramallah. Funding targets include US AID, Rothschild Foundation, and the European Union. 

ASU faculty members associated with this effort include Pat Gober and Jon Fink, as well as staff member Stephen Feinson. Outside collaborators include Franklin Fisher and Annette Huber-Lee of MIT.