Center for Environmental Science Applications (CESA)

Finding solutions to sustainability challenges by linking ideas, people and resources


The uncertainties of climate change provide a confusing backdrop for all of today’s sustainability discussions. While there is no longer scientific doubt about anthropogenic influences on the Earth’s atmosphere and climate, determining appropriate responses is one of the greatest policy challenges mankind faces.
CESA is working with ASU faculty members to develop tools that can help explore alternative futures that depend on the speed and intensity of climate change. These applications include evaluations of future water supplies in Arizona (Decision Center for a Desert City) and the Middle East (Middle East Decision Making), biodiversity preservation (BiodiverSim), and ecosystem function (Variable Atmosphere Lab).



Decision Center for a Desert City
Decision Theater
Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEAP)
Arizona Department of Water Resources
East Valley Water Forum
Sandia National Laboratory Water Portal

House of Water and Environment, Ramallah
Higher Council for Science and Technology, Amman
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University

The Nature Conservancy, Arizona Chapter
Advancing Conservation in a Social Context