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Director's Welcome

 I first arrived in Phoenix in December 1979, driving a Toyota pickup down I-17 into a brown cloud of air pollution. I planned to work at Arizona State University for six months or less, until I could find a "real job". Three decades later, I had spent more than half my life in the geologic wonderland that's inspired some of the country's most innovative entrepreneurs and most peculiar politics. Despite growing up in the leafy suburbs of New York City, I soon felt claustrophobic if I couldn't see 50 miles cycling in to work.

Northward and westward

Last August, the Center for Environmental Science Applications (CESA) relocated from Phoenix to Portland Oregon. This was less complicated than it sounds, as the Center is primarily me, with assorted collaborations and partners, most of which remain at Arizona State University. I took on the position of Vice President for Research and Strategic Partnerships at Portland State University (PSU), while still retaining an affiliation with ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration. This move was in many ways an outgrowth of projects started under the auspices of CESA, especially those dealing with cities.

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